Commercial Grade Truck Equipment


This warranty applies to anything we have manufactured.

The warranty applies to whoever rightfully owns it now.

If something goes wrong which we determine was our fault we will repair or replace your product. The warranty doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear.

Be sure to call your local distributor if you have a problem. We need the opportunity to talk to you about it. We may ask you to email us pictures or ship the product back to us for inspection.

Parts that we use but don’t manufacture are covered to the extent of the warranty we get from the company that does manufacture them.

No loss of use coverage. No freight coverage. Repairs have to be authorized by us, in writing, in advance. No coverage if the product has been changed in any way.

To qualify for warranty the product must have been treated with respect in regard to normal installation, maintenance, and usage.

Accidents and acts of God aren't covered.

This warranty will be in effect until we decide to change it.

Effective 9/6/2003